The Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund (AIPF) helps preserve the exceptional beauty and natural value of the Aeolian Islands, currently threatened by tourism development and by the over-exploitation of natural resources.
To this end the AIPF raise money from people from all around the world who care about the future of the Aeolian Islands. We use funds raised to support environmental, artisanal and sustainable initiatives, carried out by organizations and associations already present in Sicily and in Italy. AIPF is an initiative started by friends of the Aeolian Islands, who want to give this fragile ecosystem the protection it deserves.

The Aeolian sea: treasures and threats




In recent years, public concern about environmental issues in Aeolian Islands has grown, and we all need to do some efforts to change the islands unsustainable growth patterns. Environmental organizations in Sicily and in
Italy can do an excellent work, but with very limited resources. Now is the time to support them and to capitalise on the growing public interest in green issues. Participation in the AIPF represents a unique opportunity to get personally engaged, and to make a diference to the future of the Aeolian Islands. AIPF has ambitious yet realistic plans for the future.


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Esplorando il lato più verde e selvaggio delle Isole Eolie con Associazione Nesos - trekking & natura

Taking a walk on the green wild side of the Aeolian Islands with Nesos Trekking & Natura.

Vallone Ponte, Piana Greca, Lipari
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Nature knows no borders, no boundaries. It simply is. Even on an island born from powerful volcanoes in the middle of the mediterranean sea. #trekking #escursioni #eolie #aeolianisland

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Dall'orto alla tavola!
From the garden to the table!
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E grazie alla maestra Maria, le nostre ragazze della scuola di Filicudi fanno la merenda Slow con la "festa degli agrumi"! Poi tutte insieme alla piccola fossa del compost per conferire tutto l'organico che servirà per concimare il nostro orto didattico!!!

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Le nostre bimbe della scuola di Filicudi a lavoro nel loro orto didattico!

Our little girls in the primary school in Filicudi at work in their edible garden!
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E nonostante l'isolamento, appena torna il sole, le nostre ragazze di Filicudi escono per la loro lezione "sul campo", per la cura delle piantine! #ortididattici #condottaslowfood #isoleslowsiciliane #comunità #filicudiisolaslow #isoleslowjunior

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