Participation in the AIPF represents a unique opportunity to personally engage and make a difference to Aeolian Island future. In doing so, individuals can directly participate in the evolution of Aeolians to become models of island sustainability for the 21st century.
AIPF has ambitious, realistic plans for the future and is seeking support from individuals and organizations that care about Aeolian Islands and would like to make a difference.

Individuals and organizations can get involved with AIPF in the following ways:


Making an annual contribution is the best way that you can help AIPF to achieve its ambitions in helping to protect the Aeolian Islands.
Donors will receive a certificate and updates including information about grants, projects, and relevant AIPF events around the world.
They will be able also to visit featured projects on the ground.
Membership is available to individuals and companies.

  • 50 € per year – Sea urchin
  • 100 € per year – Seahorse
  • 250€ per year – Starfish
  • 500 € per year – Bluefin tuna
  • 1,000 € per year – Lobster
  • 2,500 € per year – Sea turtle
  • 5,000 per year – Dolphin
  • 10,000 per year Leader – Blue whale


If you are organizing an event or party you can help support the Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund’s work by raising funds at the door. This is a very effective way of raising awareness amongst friends and peers.

Revenue sharing

If you have a business (for example a restaurant, property rental business, or other tourism business) then, please, consider adding a voluntary donation to the AIPF to your restaurant bills, rental agreements etc. The Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund (AIPF) benefits from a “euro per table” scheme under which a number of leading restaurants ask their customers whether they are happy to have one euro added to their bill in support of AIPF.

Spread the word

We encourage you to pass on this information to everyone you know! You can find out more on Facebook, on our website, and by asking to receive our newsletters.